The GS Harness

We’ve shown the GS Harness in action over the past couple of months but believe that we haven’t done it the justice it deserves in those few short posts, hence the bigger piece we’ve done on it here.

The team at Scrum Strong love using the GS Harness because of its ease, and effectiveness to train the neck. It allows us to train the neck in a very scrum-specific position, and replicates the forces of the scrum that are applied to your neck in a realistic way. The harness is super lightweight and can be used anywhere without the need of any other equipment.

We caught up with Dr Angus Perry from Gatherer Systems so that we could get a better understanding of how and why the harness works for our followers.

“In this day and age, players are bigger and stronger than ever before which translates into bigger and more severe injuries. Neck injuries account for nearly a third of all these injuries, and so strengthening the neck is just makes sense, particularly for a preventative measure.

When the scrum is engaged, a tremendous amount of force is being transmitted in the head down (axial loading) position, so it’s important that the player maintains their position. Serious injury can occur if you are forced into full neck flexion, or if your neck is forced into a rotated position.

There are no muscles to train in this "head down" position, it is purely the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. However, you CAN train the muscles which stabilise the neck (the flexors, extensors and side-flexors) so that you stay in this position, and rugby players need to train these movements with high loads in a safe manner, in order to stimulate these muscles effectively.

That is why we created the GS Harness. Our GS Harness comes with a pulley system which equalises the forces across both straps, which ensures that the forces are ALWAYS kept in the midline of the neck and do not vector away to soft tissue or facet joints which causes injury. A built in safety mechanism means that if force is not kept at 90 degree to the neck, the harness will detach to prevent axial loading and compression of the C-spine. Other neck harnesses do not have these features which can make them extremely dangerous.

Many professional rugby players are using the GS Harness including World Cup finalists Jamie George, Maro Itoje, Billy Vunipola, Mako Vunipola and Owen Farrell. Other players / former players include David Pocock, James Hansen, Dan Carter, John Smit, Juan Figalo & George Kruis.”

You can get the harness here and receive 10% OFF and a FREE additional shock cord, when you use the code SCRUMSTRONG at the checkout.

Please note that Scrum Strong have a professional endorsement with Gatherer Systems.

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