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Get Scrum Strong Accredited!

Our Scrum Strong Coaching Accreditation has just launched!

This will help coaches develop a better understanding on how to coach the scrum safely and effectively.

Our Scrum Strong Coaching Accreditation is the safest, most comprehensive scrum program available, and is supported by Rugby Australia.

It is done completely online, with over 140 instructional videos and photos to make the learning process simple.

There are two different curriculums:

  • Juniors (ages 8 – 13)

  • Opens (ages 14+)

For more information, and how you can enrol, click here.


"Scrum Strong's Coaching Accreditation is a first-class program that is a must-have resource for coaches and players of all ages and abilities."

Luke Holmes

"The Scrum Strong Coaching Accreditation gives coaches the tools to create a safe and successful scrummaging program."

Rory O'Connor

"It can give coaches and players with little or no understanding of scrummaging an enormous amount of knowledge quickly."

Mick Coffey